How to Check Network Bandwidth on Red Hat Linux

There are several ways to check the network bandwidth on a Red Hat Linux system, but one of the most commonly used tools is iperf. iPerf is a command-line tool that allows you to measure the maximum network bandwidth between a server and a client.

Here is an example of how to use iPerf to check the network bandwidth on a Red Hat Linux system:

  1. On the server machine, install iperf package by running the following command:
sudo yum install iperf
  1. Start the iPerf server by running the following command:
iperf -s

This will start the iPerf server and listen for incoming connections on the default port (5001).

  1. On the client machine, open a new terminal and run the following command to initiate a connection to the iPerf server and measure the network bandwidth:
iperf -c <server_IP> -t 60 -i 1

Replace <server_IP> with the IP address of the server machine. The -t option specifies the duration of the test, and the -i option specifies the interval at which to report bandwidth.

You will get the output with the bandwidth in the format of ‘Bytes per second’ or ‘bits per second’. Alternatively you can also use tools like ‘ifstat’ or ‘bmon’ to measure the network bandwidth on red hat linux.