How to Install Nmap on Opensuse Linux


Nmap is a free, open-source network exploration and security auditing tool for Linux and other operating systems. It can be used to scan and map large networks, identify hosts and services, and perform various other network reconnaissance tasks. Nmap can also be used to test the security of a network and its devices, by looking for vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses. It provides a wealth of information about hosts and services, including IP addresses, operating systems, open ports, and active services. Nmap is widely used by system administrators, network engineers, and security professionals to manage and secure their networks. It is highly customizable, allowing users to fine-tune scans to meet their specific needs. Nmap can be run from the command line and can be used with a variety of scripting languages for more advanced use cases. Overall, Nmap is an essential tool for network administrators and security professionals, providing a fast and flexible way to explore and assess network infrastructure.

How to Install Nmap on Opensuse Linux

To install Nmap on an OpenSUSE Linux system, you can use the zypper package manager.

Here is an example of how to install Nmap on OpenSUSE:

  1. First, update the package index by running the following command:
sudo zypper refresh
  1. Next, install Nmap by running the following command:
sudo zypper install nmap

This will download and install the Nmap package from the OpenSUSE package repository. Once the installation is complete, you can start using Nmap by running the nmap command followed by the target IP address or hostname.

You can also check the version of nmap you have by typing :

nmap -v